Kaynak Kontrüksiyon İzmir


Atc Mekanik was founded in the Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone by Oktay Atıcı to serve in the production sector. Atc, with her personnel expert and experienced in their areas, serves to a lot of sectors both in the country and abroad without compromising the quality according to the requests from you, our precious customers.

  • The electrostatic powder paint services
  • Welding construction
  • Machining


Our mission; the corporate mission of ATC Mekanik, as a company focusing on innovation, states that she shapes her determination on producing innovations which are beneficial for her customers and the country. With this respect, our company, which is in Izmir AOSB, emerges efficient innovations in the welding construction and electrostatic powder paint sector. With these innovations and developments, being efficient in the target markets becomes important. .

Our vision; our vision is to grow as a pioneer company which competes fiercely in the market in the welding construction and electrostatic powder paint sector and creates the products and services by considering the needs of the customers and taking how they can be solved into account even in the assessment stage and our customers know with our ability to anticipate the future, not only with our quality and costs.


Elektrostatik Toz Boya
Izmir Mekanik Makina was founded to serve in the heavy industry and production sector in 1985 and continues her activities from past to today in the factory established in an area of 8000 m2 in the Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone.



ATC Makina has adapted being a “reliable company” as a principle to herself. It is a family with all employees within her organization. All individuals of this family, together, are responsible for creating, applying and developing the quality standards with the team spirit.


She fulfills her part for contributing the development of both the electrostatic powder paint and welding construction sectors and the society. Her vision is to endeavor for always being the leader in the sector. She monitors all innovations technological and brought by the age and applies them within possibility in order to serve the customers better.


The service provided in ATC Makina is not limited. Guiding, informing and creating a solution and embracing the problems of the customer on the subject related with the electrostatic powder paint and welding construction are in the scope of the service provided in our company serving in Izmir AOSB Çiğli. Measuring the customer satisfaction and evaluating the customer expectations are considered as resource for prospective improvements.

Precaution oriented

Atc Mekanik, instead of correcting the defects after they occur in the electrostatic powder paint applications and welding construction works, does take the preventive precautions before these defects take place and does improvements continuously in her works. ATC Makina takes the precautions required for the employees feel security and are proud of their company and provides the necessary sources required especially for training.